The British Offshore Rowing Championships

Date : 16th – 18th July 2021

When : 0800 GMT

Where : Exmouth

Details : The British Rowing Offshore Championships and Beach Sprint Championships are a celebration of coastal rowing. Competitors begin with a beach start before rowing off the shore, heading out along the 4km course in the heats. There will be a deep water finish near to Exmouth Rowing Club. For the finals, crews take on a longer 6km course with the same deep water finish. Sunday sees the Beach Sprint Championships where after a time trial for places, crews race head-to-head, starting on the beach and sprinting to their boats, held in the water by their boat-holders. The two crews then slalom out to sea around two buoys for 250m before turning around the final marker buoy for a straight sprint back to the shore. When they reach land, one member of the crew will jump out of the boat and sprint up to the beach to cross the finish line. Information Sources : British Rowing Offshore & Beach Sprints Championship 2021 

Muller British GP Gateshead

Date : 13th July 2021

When : 1725 GMT

Where : Gateshead International Stadium, Tyne and Wear

Details : The Wanda Diamond League will return to Gateshead International Stadium for the Müller British Grand PriX. It is confirmed that British sprints star Dina Asher-Smith, will fine-tune her preparations for the Olympic Games when she races over 200m this coming July.

Information Sources : Gateshead – Müller British Grand Prix 2021

Squash World Championships

Date : 14th – 22nd July 2021

When : 1130 CDT

Where : University Club of Chicago, USA

Details : The 2021 PSA Squash World Championships presented by The Walter Family will be staged at the University Club of Chicago with the club’s stunning Cathedral Hall providing a spectacular glass court setting as the world’s best players compete for the most prestigious title in squash. The University Club of Chicago’s Cathedral Hall has hosted the Windy City Open, PSA World Tour Platinum event, on 40 occasions since 1982 and will host the PSA World Championships for the first time in July when a $1 million prize purse will be on offer for only the second time in the sport’s history.

Information Sources : 2021 PSA World Championships – 76 East Monroe Street – Chicago – Jul 14, 2021 

Aida Lazurnaya Glubina 2021 - Depth Competition

Date : 16th – 18th July 2021

When : 1130 CDT

Where : Lazurny Quarry, Nizhny Tagil, Russian Federation

Details : Deep water diving. The freediver descends and ascends with the use of fins/monofin and/or with the use of her arms. Pulling on the rope or changing her ballast will result in disqualification; only a single hold of the rope is allowed in order to turn and stop the descent and start the ascent. Constant weight is the most widely practiced and known sportive depth discipline of freediving due to the specific fins or monofins used in it.

Information Sources : AIDA | Official Calendar

W Series Motor Racing Round 3

Date : 17th July 2021

When : 1325 GMT

Where : Silverstone, Towcester, UK

Details : “Every British racing driver dreams of competing at Silverstone, the home of British motorsport and the site of the first ever world championship Formula 1 race in 1950. It has changed a bit since then, but the modern circuit remains mighty fast and I cannot wait to experience one of the best corner combinations in the world through Maggotts and Becketts in the W Series car. There will be plenty of overtaking at Stowe where all of the W Series drivers will have their elbows out to entertain the British fans who are among the sport’s most passionate and knowledgeable.” Alice Powell.

Information Sources : Silverstone

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