Tove Alexandersson is a Swedish orienteer, ski orienteer, skyrunner and ski mountaineer. She is a ten-time world champion in orienteering, a ten-time world champion in ski-orienteering, a one-time world champion in skyrunning and a one-time world champion in ski mountaineering. Take a look at her incredible story…


Tell us about yourself and how you got into your sport? 

I’m living in Sweden but most of the time I’m travelling around the world for competitions and training camps. My family has always been at orienteering competitions so I started when I was very young.


What do you love about Orienteering?

I like that there are always new challenges and that you never know what to expect. It’s always new courses and different areas. I also like the combination of pushing yourself hard physically at the same time as you constantly need to focus on the orienteering.


What is your training schedule? 

Usually I have 9-14 sessions each week and during the training period I train around 15-30 hours. Training that often means that the recovery is of course very important, so that is also something I focus on. I also train to be ready mentally for the competitions so I can perform at my top level.


What are the feelings going through your body when you’re about to compete?

The minutes before starting, I’m very focused. I try to be 100% in the moment. Before that, I’m usually quite relaxed and looking forward to starting.


What is your career highlight?

It’s hard to choose one thing but 2019 was my best season, I won almost every race.


Have you had any challenges in orienteering? 

Of course I have but I think the setbacks just make me stronger and even more motivated to become better.


What’s your next goal? How do you plan to get there?

The world championship is my next goal. I will spend much time in Czech Republic in the coming weeks to prepare for the competitions there.


For someone who has never heard of orienteering before, what is it and what can people expect to see? 

At the world championship we have 5 disciplines. Sprint and Sprint relay in the city, the running time is about 15 minutes. Middle distance 35 minutes, long distance 80 minutes and a relay in the forest. You get the map with the course at the start and you have to find the fastest way to the checkpoints without making any mistakes. You are running at your maximum speed and at the same time you need to find the right way.


Advice for young girls who want to make it to the top?

Enjoy what you are doing! I think it’s important to remember to have fun so you can keep the motivation high for several years.


Favourite motivational quote?

“I want to be the best but I have no deadline.”

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